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I have what feels like 2000 problems with my 2000 chevy venture van. First and what I feel is the most important is the cooling fan. I've posted in the repairs/maintenance forum with little real results. Their are 2 fans. Both ONLY come on when a/c is on. Neither come on if a/c is off. Have to leave a/c on all the time to keep fans on to avoid overheating. Have checked and or changed all fuses and relays relating to cooling fan. Also changed the coolant temperature sensor. Can someone please suggest what else to do or check or replace? Next not so serious but somewhat annoying problem is with the DIC (Driver Information Center). The outside air temperature is inaccurate most of the time, though sometimes it's right. What's up with that? Lastly, the airbag dashboard symbol stays on after car is started, but sometimes it goes out after car is started. Handbook says if symbol stays on it may mean airbag may not deploy, but what makes it stay on sometimes but off other times? Would appreciate any help with any or all issues. Thank You!

posted by  notamechanic

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