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Hello everyone, I am actually thinking about selling my 06 Dodge Charger R/T. iT has almost 4k miles and fully loaded to the tee. I have a $10,000 custom Rockford Fosgate stereo system (24 speakers total) with a double din Eclipse head unit along with 8 disc cd changer. The head unit has touch screen capabilities and has Navigation system, Sirius satellite radio, rear backup camera, plays DVD movies and music as well as MP3 songs. 22 inch DUB Esinem wheels, RKSport trunk lid spoiler, VIP roof spoiler, tinted tail lights, 2-way pager remote starter alarm, Magnaflow full catback exhaust, HID's for headlights (low beam) and fog lights, triple chrome upper mesh grill and lower grill (on back order, should receive within the next week or 2), 35% smoke tint all around, grey burl walnut wood grain interior (70 piece set), 6 piece chrome door pillar set and the exterior color is Silver Steel with the Dark Slate Grey/Light Greystone leather interior. I will be asking $34,000 for the car. The reason why I am considering selling it is that I'm thinking about buying the new 07/08 Dodge Challenger which comes out hopefully the end of this year. If anyone would be interested please PM me or email me at Will email or post pic's if anyone is interested....

posted by  jsmoov24

I could never afford something like that, but DAMN that's nice! Can I see some pics please? :drool:

posted by  chris_knows

sure, here are some pic's of my car....

posted by  jsmoov24

thats good :thumbs: :laughing:

posted by  nighthawk


posted by  newyorker

i want to see a picture of you standing in front of the car holding a sign that says car forums on it. i dont believe for 1 second that is your car

posted by  glagon1979

Then why would he be selling it? :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

yeah, i think its for real:2cents:

not the kind of thing id buy tho, my charger would be a bit different:laughing:

posted by  nighthawk

for those who doubt that it is mine I will take a picture with me in front of the car. I wouldn't just take a random shot of a car and then try to sell it but just to satifsy everyone's curiosity I will post a pic later....

posted by  jsmoov24

I always thought the Challenger wasn't supposed to come out until the 08 model year. Which means probably some-time mid-late NEXT year.

BTW - Are you sponsered by RF? Because you have a ton of RF equipment.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I spoke with a local dealership and there's a chance it may be released late this year early next year. I am also thinking about the Chrysler Aspen, very nice SUV. I'm not actually sponsored by RF. The roof spoiler is made by VIP and the trunk lid spoiler is by RKSport. Check out this website if you want a lot of different accessories for any car or truck, in aprticular Dodge or Chrysler:
They do the tinted tail lights in 3 different shades and a lot of little different things to make your car stand out...

posted by  jsmoov24

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