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Hey all,

I'm a current student at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara and I'm expanding my automotive portfolio. Need shots for a car show, personal ad, or magazine? My specialty is detail photography: photographing all the little parts of the car that makes them unique and stand out. Recent cars that I have shot have included a 2006 Bentley Continental GT and a 2006 Infinity M45.

I am interested in photographing cars from all countries and all years, stock, modified, and custom. But I am picky about the quality of the car. After all, photographic quality reigns supreme (software can only hide so many blemishes and dents).

I live and operate out of Santa Barbara, but I am willing to travel some distances to photograph (as south as San Diego, and as far north as the Bay area).

I shoot with a Nikon D2X and an assortment of lenses. Message me on the boards or email me at!

posted by  satinrsxs

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