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hey all, jus bought my first car - 1988 Telstar TX5 turbo :P i wanna do it up, nothing majjoorrr but i guess it is, i dunno much about cars so i guess im here to ask for some help... is there any sites explaining parts and what they do and what to look for? any help would be sweet! i wanna do a couple things like intercooler & c.a.i, a cannon exhaust, mabye a b.o.v, extractors and yeh visual can wait... any help heaps appreciated thanks!

- barree :screwy:

posted by  barree

Welcome to CF, people here know their junk. :thumbs:

posted by  boothe

Yeah, like the Telstar was never sold in the US although I think it was based on the 626, so... Why is this thread in the Domestic Cars section?

posted by  vwhobo

Because it's not really an import where he lives? :laughing:

posted by  ChrisV

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