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I Googled and couldn't find the information.

We used to have a 1976 Impala, 4 door with a 2 bbl 350 base model. I was wondering if anybody had a Haynes or Chilton manual with the gross vehicle / curb weight and overall length specs. I don't remember the length but I'm pretty sure her door sticker indicated 4448lbs.

Just comparing her to the 85 Grand Marquis 302 we recently purchased. (I bought a Haynes manual for it already, I know its weight and length).

Thanks a bunch.


posted by  Marquis

Well looking in this old book of car specs from around then, it says that the average weight is 4450 pounds and the length of the four door was 222.7 (wheelbase of 121.5). Hope that helps.

posted by  car_crazy89

Thank you kindly.

I win.:clap:

posted by  Marquis

I can't imagine how you could have won. Your question is invalid. Do you want curb weight or GVW? They are two entirely different measurements and can't be the same number.

posted by  vwhobo

I win because I thought the 1976 Impala was heavier than the 1985 Grand Marquis by a few hundred pounds.

Wikipedia quote: Curb weight is the total weight (i.e., mass) of an automobile with standard equipment, oil, lubricants, coolant, a full tank of fuel and not loaded with either passengers or cargo.

This definition may differ from definitions used by governmental regulatory agencies.

It is generally provided as a statistic about automobile weights, along with gross weight, which represents the weight of an automobile when fully loaded. The difference between gross weight and curb weight is the total passenger and cargo weight capacity of the vehicle. unquote.

Hey, look at that, I learned something new today. Thanks for the motiviation and inspiration vwhobo. I wasn't aware that there was a difference.


posted by  Marquis

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