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hello, i just got a 97 ford taurus. it has the capibility to have a cd changer hooked up to it, but i don't know where to find the spot to hook a cd changer up when i get one. are there any guides that could help me out or something like that?

posted by  soloman02

is there a large electronics store near you? like Best Buy or something...if to they can help you with what you need. :thumbs:

posted by  SuperJew

there is a best buy nearby, but, i wanted to install the changer myself, and was wondering where the connector is. i think it is on the driver side of the trunk, but i looked and didn't see it( maybe i'm blind and it was right in front of me lol) I'm also a cheap bastard and like to spend as little as possible.

posted by  soloman02

the connect is in the trunk, drivers side, UNDERNEATH the capretting. To get underneath uncip the black pin thingy, and pull the carpet up. You will see your am/fm tuner console, and your connect that would connect to the cd changer.
I believe is an 8pin connector but i'm not possitive,

posted by  icebluestreaker

I haven't peeled back the carpet yet, so forgive me. I've had the car for 12 whole hours now...

Would the CD Changer controls, etc. be in the same place in the 2003 Taurus SES? Trunk, under the carpet on the Drivers side?

Is there any certain after-market model that works, or do I need to go to Ford for this one.

I have a Sony 10 disc changer and head unit from my LAST Taurus sitting in a box, so I guess that changer won't work here with the factory head unit, huh?


posted by  hunterdw

I believe your unit will work but not through the radio as you would like. I recently attempted this and note that some factory radios (usually with cassette players) will support only a factory unit up to 6 disc changer.

Check your unit with the radio. I believe the one I looked at required you to have the radio at a specific frequency to work. I, too, am rather thrifty so I would check with where you got it or whoever markets it and see about the change over.

Since I have several cars w/casette players, I opted for the small mobile unit that is powered by the lighter or power port and the casette adapter.

I'd use what you already have if possible.

posted by  LTD-GALAXIEman

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