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Well when my ses light came on I went to advance auto parts and they scanned it and code P0306 came up which is the Cylinder 6 misfire...So i change the plugs and the wires..Still my problem wasnt fixed...Well my problem was that when ever I tried to punch it would start accelerating then it would hesitate for a second and then keep on going..So i went to advance and got P0306...Then after I changed the plug and wire for cylinder six..The light was still on so I went back to Advance to get them to clear it...Well they went to clear it they wanted to make sure that it was just the P0306...But then when they scanned it codes P1514 and P1516 came up..Well I was so sick of so I went to a mechanic he hooked his computer up and got


Then some of the other stuff he wrote but couldnt explain to me is

Open Loop: Idle
P1514 1.3(its either a g or a q)/s

No Load: TPS 12%

Is the percentage suppose to be higher than 12 or lower?

But to top everything off my car wont start now and I didnt even try to run it hard when it started messing up..But what does all that stuff mean..Is it bad..is my car destroyed...HELP

posted by  IwantaSti

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