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This is the only new car that is looking better and better from each photoshoot. I think this car is going to own the Challenger (flame suit on :)

posted by  darkus

Even though this is an ad, those pics were beautiful...I love the interior too, futuristic, but still kinda has that classic look to it :smoke::2cents:

posted by  chris_knows

I really doubt its an ad, hes been here since December.

And umm, I think the Challenger will be better :laughing: Mopar:drool:

Looking over those pictures of the Camaro, it looks so hi-tech and spacey. I mean, the interior, the gauges, the shift knob, and the engine doesnt even look like an engine, its too clean.

I can't stand the whole spacey, hi-tech, computer cars...

posted by  Benson

it's great! will sell the old mother's house to buy it! :ticking:


posted by  nordjohn

It looks just to good. Course if I were to get one at my age, most would say----MID-Life Crisis. LOL

But, what the heck-I have been in Mid-Life since 15 :orglaugh:

I have the feeling that were I to pull up and park this next to my 94, it would start acting like the old movie Christine and go nuts.


posted by  Papa_Joe

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