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Hi, I hope I am on the right site. I just bought a 2006 pontiac vibe that has an automatic with overdrive. When do I use overdrive? When do I not use overdrive? Thanks for the help.

posted by  mjnky

Overdrive is the same thing as 5th or sometimes 6th gear on a standard car...It's basically a fuel saver. It's where the driveshaft turns faster than the crankshaft. Due to the engine running slower, you're also reducing engine wear and it's quieter. This obviously makes it hard to accelerate though...

posted by  chris_knows

When you push the O/D button, a light on the dash will illuminate that says O/D off. Generally you want to keep O/D on, because the extra gear is for fuel economy, but I believe turning O/D off is for heavy loads and such, because you need the extra torque. So like if you're towing a boat and cruising down the highway, press the O/D off button.

posted by  Mathew

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