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Hey guys I bought a 351w and I dunno what to do with it.. I want a REALLY fast car and I'm not sure what to do with it. I might end up selling the engine but I'm a guy that likes to have some fun on the road if you know what i mean >:). I might be buying a 618 soon also, all I was wondering is if anyone knew any good cheap bodies to put them in cause I've never messed with putting engines in cars, all I've done before is mess with them once theyre already in. Thanks for any help ya can offer.

posted by  thisismyacct

Well how much do you want to spend? What type of car, older, newer, maybe have something in mind?

Personally if it were me I would put either one of those engines in a 69 fastback

CLEEK (http://www.gerlecreek.com/images/mikedunbarmustang.jpg) :thumbs:

posted by  Benson

This is a bit like buying an oar and then looking for a boat with the correct sized rollock to accomodate it.

posted by  Wally

well i found them for almost nothing given what they are and i just saw an opportunity in it... i was thinking about putting the 618 into a cougar but i just wasnt sure what would make me the fastest car i can accomplish.. the cougar is a pretty heavy car

posted by  thisismyacct

A 618? Never heard of a 618. Is it a Ford engine?

Regardless, teh secret to speed is the most horsepower with the least weight, provided you can fit the engine in. I've seen a Ford 460 based engine in a Trimph Spitfire and in a Pinto, so that would seem to me the "fastest car you could accomplish" and still be based on a production car. But then again, YOU might not be able to accomplish that, in which case, I woudn't know what would "make you the fastest car you could accomplish"

posted by  ChrisV

probably ment 318

posted by  adamc44

Which is a relatively low power Dodge engine. To put in a Cougar?

I doubt he'll come back and 'splain himself...

posted by  ChrisV

Is the 351W really that great? I have a friend who just got his hands on an FC3S (88 RX7 GTUS) and he's gonna swap a 305 or a 351W I don't remember which one. I'd personally want to build and turbo the 13B but that's just me. Then again, I don't know much about pushrods:doh:(but I'd like to learn).

posted by  elchango36

The 351W is the "big" version of the small block Ford line. It's basically the same as the 289/302/5.0, with a taller deck height for the added stroke to get to 351 cid. Since they bolt in in most places a 302/5.0 does, it's the preferred swap for that engine (and in the RX7 there's so much room it's swallowed up in there like my 302 was). Due to the larger displacement, it's easy to make more power than the 302 does, and I've seen them stroked up to 427 cid... without being physically any larger. 400-450 hp in a daily driver stroker 351 is an easy proposition.

Rebuilding and turboing the N/A 13b is a recipe for a huge amount of money spent on an engine that lasts a week, and still only makes as much power as a relatively stock V8.

posted by  ChrisV

Ah, I see. One more question, my buddy says the Ford engine will weigh less than the 13B. Is this true? I've seen pics of people rebuilding 13b's on buckets and kitchen tables and stuff.

posted by  elchango36

No, the Ford weighs more. The 302 added about 100 lbs to my car.

A turbo 13B with accessories and intercooler blumbing comes close to the weight of te 302 with aluminum heads and intake.

In either case, the engine sits far enough back in the FC chassis that the weight is distributed evenly, so it doesn't make the car nose heavy.

posted by  ChrisV

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