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Ok i need some help i googled this image it is similar to my blazer the grille is one piece and i want to put in a billet. But the billet doesnt have the slot for the lights what is the deal.

Here is the stock grille 1444

posted by  Vegastar

here is the after market one1445

posted by  Vegastar

anyone have an answer plz

posted by  Vegastar

I don't think anyone even understands what you're asking much less what the answer is.

posted by  vwhobo

slot for the lights as in the grille would cover up the lights? If thats the case I am sure you can mod it and create your own slot or take it somewhere so they can cut it to look/fit nicely. Thats the best I can do though sorry.

posted by  Phantom100

Those grills are called the Phantom series, they look really smooth and clean when they're installed like that, IMO I would keep it how they are.

posted by  99integra

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