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Hey guys, I was looking to grab some rims so I hit a few websites to get prices. Now I know, because I've seen it, that a 95' Buick LeSabre can take 20 inch rims, not that I'm getting some but I've seen it done. However alot of sites are telling me only 17's can fit on my car, I want to grab at LEAST some 18's. Can my car actually fit a larger rim but the sites are being "safe" and telling me the stock size only fits?

Thanks for any help! :mrgreen:

posted by  narcisis

y would u want bigger than 17'? u can just get 17's and drop the car and they will look bigger. I am sure it's possible to fit somethin over 17 might require some extra parts like spacers and stuff.. I dunno i am not an expert on that so i dont know..

and btw it's wheels not rims

posted by  V-Tec

Why? Well.. they're only 17s :mrgreen:

I've seen folks on other sites put dubs on a LeSabre, so hopefully 19's will be fine.

posted by  narcisis

There is a difference between fitting and fitting right. You also need to look at what the bigger wheel/tire combo does to vehicle dynamics such as steering, braking, etc. Just because you can put them on doesn't mean you should. if you don't care about yourself or your car, at least consider the safety of other people on the road.

posted by  vwhobo

You're right, however how would I see what these new dynamics are without trying it in the first place? Also, getting chrome 17 inch rims is just about pointless, it's still stock size - if you're getting rims then GET them, don't bs about it, 17's certainly will not do. If needed I'll see about getting some spacers or whatever is required to uh.. *make* them fit, heh.

One thing I do intend todo is get a better braking system, after doing abit of research alot of people say if you're getting heavier rims you'll need better brakes.

posted by  narcisis

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