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anybody in here have an 87 s-10 blazer??...i was looking for a new instrument panel setup because im getting sick of the old gauges with the shaky needles and dim lights...i just want to know where to get a whoel new dash because i can get the gauges i just want to the new dash setup..


posted by  19ChevyBlazer87

There are plenty of them in the junk yards. They are not new but you should be able to find a decent one.


posted by  theman352001

I know of a website with a bunch of S10 parts on it. They also sell fibreglass dashes if wanted, but I think they were kind of expensive...

One of these categories:

http://www.stylinconcepts.com/part_family.aspx/CategoryID/1/SubcategoryID/3 56

posted by  car_crazy89

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