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Has anyone out there, seen a liftkit for a Caravan? Website?

Why i ask is that i have a 1994 Dodge Grand Caravan ES AWD

I'm tired of the gas tank dragging on the ground everytime i go Fishing

posted by  Superbee

there is a thing called "spring helpers"

posted by  glagon1979

I have seen those, i don't think it will lift the van you can just haul more wait the van sets about 4 inches higher than a normal Caravan but the gas tank is so big it seems to just seems to drag on the ground.

posted by  Superbee

Sounds like the gas tank is hanging lower than it should be. I have taken alot of cars off road and unless you go over a bump at a higher rate of speed then you should be nothing should hit the ground unless you go over a big rock or something.

posted by  RB Trucking

buy an suv you retarded ****er. VAns have never been meant for offroading. You have probally never been outdoors in your life

posted by  mustag8910


posted by  iluvgeometro

Mud Ruts about 4 to 6 inches deep igf i fall in one the gas tank drags along
I had to replace the Tank Strap it rip it in half the other is still bent bad

I have been searching the net and i can't find anything about someone doing it

posted by  Superbee

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