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Thought you might be interested in my Caliber test drive, I went out last week with a friend.

The car I test drove was $23k (sticker price was $19k) - had the 9 piece Boston Acoustic speaker set (subwoofer, Musicgate), sunroof, a/c, Sirius radio and driver convenience package.

Anyway, the big take aways for me were:
CVT - definitely took a bit to get used to, its strange to not feel the car shift, but by the end of my drive I wasn't really noticing it.

Handling - handled well for a car in its class, makes you feel like yo'ure in a smaller car than you actually are.

Mileage - the sticker said 28/35 on a 1.8, i test drove a 2.0, but just read in a Dodge forum that some guy is averaging 39 @ 55mph - not bad for commuting, etc.

Exterior - hot in person

INterior - The cabin is very spacious and has a bigger car feel, driver rides high. Fit and finish has taken a hit in reviews, and it's definitely not a base luxury car or anything. However, for drivers lookign in this price range I think it's fine. Gauge cluster is not bad looking

Speakers - awesome system with the Boston Acoustic - the inside bumped out and I tested the Musicgate in the dealer lot and it is LOUD. I was over 100 feet away near a busy road and could still hear it clear. Definitely a selling point in the summer with tailgates, beaches, etc. Hope DCX puts it in more of their cars.

Features - the little extra features were cool, iPod holder, chillzone, lighted cup holders, etc. The rear seats recline a bit which is great, and the seats were very easy to put down, rearrange, etc.

Das all, let me know if you have questions, happy to (try) to answer! :2cents:

posted by  boothe

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