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Hey everyone,

I have been interested in getting a ford f-350 for a couple months. What do you guys think of them? With the turbo diesel engine what kind of gas milage do you guys think i would be getting?

Thanks so much

posted by  Depack

I think they're one-ton trucks. Not as good as a Dodge but better than a Chevy. Tip of the day. You won't get any gas mileage in a diesel. :doh:

posted by  vwhobo

ive got the 7.3 turbo diesel in my 02 f250, its pulled everything ive ever wanted to pull. i get a little over 16-18mpg in my truck. only thing ive added is a k n filter, and a 4" bullydog exhaust. only thing i regret is not getting a quad cab instead of an extended cab.

posted by  adamc44

I'm a fan of Ford trucks :thumbs:

posted by  boothe

I love fords probally cause thats what i grew up on always being in a ford. F-350's have plenty of power you will never get stuck and if you get in a car accident you will be pretty safe.

posted by  bam123

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