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Mkay, so I have a 96' Cavalier, 2.2 liter, 5 speed manual transmission, and I want to have a good exhaust.

I don't want some fart can exhaust, and I don't even care about sound, I just want a good exhaust. What are your suggestions on this?

mind my ignorance, i'm not smart with cars...:doh:

posted by  Copenhagen

If you dont want a fart cannon, and you're not too bothered about sound, why do you want a replcement? as it'll only slightly, if at all, improve performance.....is your current item corroded or blowing or damaged in any way? lol

posted by  Cliffy

Well, it is kind of rusty, no clue how it got rusty, but I was looking for just a little extra boost, without the farting noise...

I'm fixing up the car and I want it to look nice and be a little better than stock.

posted by  Copenhagen

Exhaust systems get rusty, regardless, as they're exposed to all the elements (rain, snow, salt etc.....all nasty rust causers lol). I doubt very much you'll notice any 'boost' at all though......I'll let somebody else ofer the available choices tough, as boy racer parts aren't really my forte lol

posted by  Cliffy

oh, is there such things as good mufflers, without them having to be related to racing?

posted by  Copenhagen

Erm, there are tamer versions, that look less racy. Stainless steel will obviously last longer, which aftermarket mufflers are made from (obviously for longevity....so it remains in it's 'shiny' state for as long as possible!)

posted by  Cliffy

good enough, anything is better than stock...

any suggestions?

I just thought of something, couldn't I just buy a sports muffler and just like, put a silencer on it? Or would that not help any?

posted by  Copenhagen

how about something like a camshaft?, it shouldnt make your car any louder(maybe nicer) and you'll feel much more of a boost than a muffler:2cents:

posted by  nighthawk

Borla won't rust, though I don't know if they make one for your car, go find out at borla.com

posted by  Pythias

Yeah, Borla doesn't have any for my car, Im thinkin of goin with the universal one...

i'll just buy a silencer for it if it's too loud for me, or something.

posted by  Copenhagen

well on my cavalier z24 I got 2.5" piping and a high flow cat, and if your anygood with a welder you can just add the larger piping and the high flow cat and weld the bracket on the end from the stock exhaust, and bolt it to the stock exhaust, more performance with minimal sound differance, it's what I did on my girl friends z24 and it made a 21 hp differance i was surprised

posted by  z24cavy99

Sure it did. Everyone wold be surprised at that number. I'm surprised you'd think that anyone was stupid enough to believe you. :roll:

posted by  vwhobo

Another one of those people who truly think that an exhaust wider in diameter makes their car 'faster'...

posted by  Newspeak

I have a twin-loop exhaust on my '95 Civic. Sounds great and seems to add a little power. Has a beautiful brassy sound. Mugen makes the best twin-loop muffler I'm told. Not too loud and not a farter.

posted by  BKhplover

do u mind spending money if not go to sts turbo i have one on my cavi but its the universal kit so i dont know if u have good knolege but i love it its bad ass i have a 98 cavi:smoke:

posted by  chevydude232

ive never heard like more than a few horse power from exhaust . . . if i can get 21 count me in i have a cobalt (basically a cavy) but i dont think i can :)

posted by  Spartan3c79

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