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Im looking to get one, just because im under 18 and my parents wont help cover insurance on a V8. The main problem here is, my father believes i will kill myself in the winter, but the eclipse he wants me to buy is only a few horses less than a 95' Camaro. I understand the front wheel drive would handle alittle better, but not significantly would it? If anyone here has any pros that would help me get this car id really appreciate it. I see people driving them in the winter all the time, its just not as easy as say a civic. Thanks.

posted by  FallenAngel192

If your paying for it tell him to f*ck off and buy it. If it's him buying the car for you, it's a different story.

posted by  Benson

The v6 camaro wouldnt be the greatest in the winter because its front engine, rear drive. but It shouldnt be too hard to get where your going though:2cents:

and front wheel drive doesnt make cars handle better or worse. its much more about suspension and all that jazz

(although rwd is much better known for handling good)

posted by  nighthawk

Is the Camaro the 3.4L or the 3.8L V6? You said the Eclipse has slightly less power, so I'm assuming it's the 3.4L and the Eclipse is non-turbo. To be honest, if your parnets won't help cover the insurance on an LT1 Camaro, and your only options are either the V6 Camaro or the Eclipse, I would go with the Eclipse for a few reasons, like FWD would be better for the winter, the Eclipse would get considerably better gas mileage and if you care about the car's performance, the specs are not far from different performance wise between the two.
That's just my opinion, and it's your choice on what you feel is better for you.

posted by  nsupra27

I agree, although if you have the choice of the 3.8li V6 I'd definitely go for that over the eclipse, where do you live?

posted by  Pythias

I agree, although to be honest, even a FWD car aint gonna handle particularly well in the winter time. I'm not sure which scenario I'd prefer, oversteering in a RWD, or excessively understeering in a FWD due to snow on the floor!

posted by  Cliffy

I live in IL so the winters are either mild or severe, im currently driving my dads MR2 Spyder which is rear engine, rwd. So i do have some experience driving a rwd in the snow. Id really prefer the camaro, i just want to prove to him that its not a monumental struggle to drive one in snow, just a challenge.

posted by  FallenAngel192

Itll be slow.

very, very, very slow.

posted by  Zalight

Dunno why I said that lol...I know which I'd prefer...RWD everytime! :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

To me 225Hp and 200 pounds of torque in a V6 Camaro that weighs 3250pounds isn't that slow. Maybe its just me but 15.7 seconds in the 1/4 mile isn't too shabby for a V6.:2cents:

posted by  Pythias

im not looking for all out balls to the wall speed, just spirited driving every now and then. The gas milage difference isnt all that big to me. i really like the camaros over the eclipse but i would like alittle speed, as long as i can pull something out of it im fine, moderate performance i guess you could say.

posted by  FallenAngel192

Well, it wont be 168k mile 3 cylinder geo slow, but it wont be fast.

posted by  Zalight


well said :clap: :laughing:

posted by  nighthawk

well i have a v8 camaro and the winter is what i dread i really never got stuck besides once going up a stEEEEEEEEEEEP icy hill trying to get to school. There were esclades/tahoes that couldnt get up so me saying having a v8 ego and i tryed to make it and trust me i didnt :( but i made it pretty far now of enough of my story.

As long as your driving city roads with headlights and good vision you will have no problem in the winter maybe add a few sand bags to the back of your trunk for some extra weight is what i did.

posted by  bam123

wintair not really a prob were i live as it doesnt really snow much here in TN.... but yea i perfer a RWD ANYDAY!!

posted by  Andrew0261

Jeez, this is getting annoyinh...CHECK THE DATES!

posted by  chris_knows

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