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i have a Ford escape 2005, for now it has everything stock, i am in the process of purchasing 2 12"s subs and a 400 watt amp,, morphous speakers and an eclipse headunit, i also am purchasing running bars, and window covers,(like the awnings for the window) but im at a loss i dont know what else to do i really want to do something that will stick out, my cuz who is huge on cars ( has a tricked out cavi, just bought a 85 corvett, and has a street bike) said to get some 20" rims,,, any suggestions on where to look that wont cost me both of my kidneys.>>>?? thanks

posted by  Escape 2005

Paint it lime green, slap some stickers on it, mount an aerodynamic wing on the back, realize it is a ford escape, light it on fire and collect the insurance, they always give those really "cool" cars a fair value.

posted by  Voda48

If you want something that stands out, buy a different automobile. I'd say that an Escape w/ 20's will stand out, but not in a good way. Also, I haven't really ever seen any cheap 20's, and considering how I don't really care for the expensive ones, I don't think I'd liek to see the cheap ones. Personally, I'd save some $ and get a reasonable sound system, forget about the 20's, and get a lift kit and some offroading tires. I don't know much about offroading, but it seems like it'd be more fun than having a "pimped out" Escape, and it would still be different.:2cents:

posted by  giant016

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