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The car is an 1988 Chrysler New Yorker Sedan 4D Landau Mark 2. Everythings power, all leather interior, clean as hell! Did i mention only 60k miles?

The seller is asking $3,500.00 for it. I looked at the blue book value, and its only worth around 2k. I was wondering if the car is worth trying for, and what a good deal on it would be. Also is this a good car in terms of being reliable etc, or Should I invest 3k into a different car?

PS:Can anyone check the VIN out for me? (no CC)

posted by  CarNewb

Well if it's as clean as you say it is throughout, then I suppose you're almost buying a new car except for the miles. Check the engine and everything, make sure it doens't leak, etc. I wouldn't pay $3,500 for it, but you might be able to work something out.

posted by  jedimario

IT looks brandnew! But I have some doubts in the deal... For one the guy doesn't want me to take it to my local shop. (for a look see) He said he got screwed on a different car he sold years ago they took off the parts etc...
So that doesn't sit well with me... But I will ask him to go with me to the shop, and if he still doesn't want to then I will offer to pay way less...

Can anyone check The VIN for me? (PM)

Thanks again.

Sorry, I'm going to offer the guy $2,800.00 for a start (depending on the situation(S))

posted by  CarNewb

If he's not willing to let it be checked out, that's definatly a bad sign. If he had nothing to hide, he'd have nothing to be afraid of. Did you offer to pay for the "checking out"?

posted by  jedimario

No I didn't That could have been a reason also... The guys like 70 so :/ rather hard to communicate, its hard to hear him over the phone. I kind of thought he would get the point I'd pay for it! But I'm glad you mentioned it thanks!

So if this deal turns sour, are there any other nice cars I could find for around 3k? Reliable, good looking. I don't much care about speed, but some power wouldn't hurt.


posted by  CarNewb

Yeah if he still won't do it after you offer to pay for it, I'd definately stay away from the car.

posted by  jedimario

UPDATE: I took a very good look under the car today, very bad rust spot, I could have used my fingers to poke through the floor board... So that turned very sour... I also noticed the bumper wasn't placed evenly. It was off about 3 1/2 inchs on one side, and 1/2 an inch on the other. Wrecked who knows...


posted by  CarNewb

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