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my 1992 throtle body injected gm 1500 350ci (5.7)has thrown a rod i got a good deal on a rebuilt 305ci (5.0) from the same year truck hoping someone has had sucess in doing TBI engine swap of this nature my main concern is overfueling im hoping the O2 sensor will compinsate for the displacement difference.any sugestions on this would be greatly apritiated

posted by  allchevy

i understand why you are trying to put a 305 in place of a 350 but you do realize that basically all 350 short blocks are the same, right?

posted by  glagon1979

Apparently you're too lazy to read his question also.

As for the displacment difference, my hunch is that it is going to be too much for the computer and O2 sensor to compensate for with the 350 injectors. You may have to look at finding some 305 injectors. Then the O2 sensor and computer should be able to handle it.


posted by  theman352001

i guess i should have been more specific. i guessi was to lazy to write was i was going to say. a good 350 short block can be had for next to nothing. instead of swaping in a smaller, less powerfull engine, get the correct block and put the correct engine back in it. there, is that good enough? don't f*cking insult me. wtf did i do to you?

posted by  glagon1979

You already admitted to being lazy in your signiture. Is it insulting if the person already admits to it?

Now with your second post, it is clear what you are trying to say. Of course thhe mentions that he can get a deal on a rebuilt 305 so apparently money is an issue. It doesn't appear that power is an issue for them.

I personally agree with you on putting another 350 in there but that still doesn't answer his question. Besides, they didn't even introduce themself so it is doubtfull we will hear much from them anyway.

posted by  theman352001

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