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I have an oldsmobile delta 88 that I bought almost a year ago. I did some work on it when I first got it, new plugs, wires, the box the spark plug wires come from (ok, so I don't know my basic terms, but if I have a diagram I can fix anything) a few other things. It has close to 200,000 miles. Then I got this very loud rattle noise then had someone put in a new harmonic balencer (sp? as always) for me. After that it had to sit for a few months while I have some work done on my eyes and cant drive it. Oh, and the car makes this banging noise at about 50mph, if I floor it to 60 it goes away. Is that the trans? (just to give you an idea of what it's had done to it)

Anyway, the performance sucks for an engine this big. It's a 3.8 so shouldn't it have some power? My old Plymouth Acclaim still burns out at redlights and it's just a 4 banger. It's going to be another month or two before I can drive it so I was wondering if there are any cheap :2cents: things I can do to it to make it run better? It sounds like it has a miss and one of the spark plugs has oil on it, the one in the back center backs out after a few miles, but the rest have this light pink color to them.

Um, in short. What are some cheap things I can do in my driveway with basic tools to up my performance?

posted by  meadowsja

:tard: :read::badrazz: Right, thanks for the help. I'll just go buy the f-ing book.

posted by  meadowsja

sorry, i cant help you there, im english!
best go buy the book really, do they sell heynes over there???

posted by  True_Brit

Yeah, they sell Haynes here...vwhobo used to tell almost everyone who asked for car help to go buy one...when he was still around lol.

posted by  chris_knows

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