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and what kind of material (if this makes a big difference) thanks ok maybe some of you guys can help me out, I've been looking to buy some headers, x-pipes, and an exaust system. I was wondering how they would effect my car (90 gt 5.0). I havn't had a lot of time to research with work and all, but I was thinking It would increase hp and increase airflow. Perhaps gain in fuel economy without working it out. But my main concern is will it hurt the performance by losing torque, would it take off slower or not pick up as well.

What kind of brands do you recommend

posted by  salimander13

How would less back pressure casue a loss of torque I think it would even out yoru torque cruve slighltly give more power acorss the board.

posted by  Aondor

oh, I didn't know what would happen to the torque (still in the learning process) at all, so this was a concern of mine. I tried reading up on it, but the torque and hp curve chart is still a little confusing to me and I still don't know quite how to read shows the hp at that rpm and where they cross you get xxhp at yyrpms? Sorry if that didn't make sense, but hard to explain something you don't understand

posted by  salimander13

Yeah I don't know much about much but any increase in engine Eficency(sp?)
better airflow etc. will give better torque results not worse so don't worry bout it my friend. Im sure your local shop could explain it to you thats where i go when i have questions

posted by  Aondor

Cats or no cats? I would recommend some kinda of ceramic coated long tube Mac Headers, with either a Mac prochamber or bbk or Bassani X pipe with no cats, with an american thunder exhaust system from Thats what I'm doing anyway, if nothing else dont go with shorty headers, long tube are better. Ceramic coated cost more but they won't rust.

Headers- 350$ or so
Catless X-pipe- 180-200$ or so
American thunder exhaust- 250$

Sound of a 5.0 with a nice full exhaust- PRICELESS :thumbs:

posted by  Pythias

I'll answer your question right now with a little bit of what I was thinking. I was just looking at headers, but I was thinking of using shorty headers. I didn't know a good brand so you gave me a good place to look thanks. I was thinking of using a cats with x pipes. Also I just got done looking at the american thunder exhaust and I was going to go with that one.

I'll have to read the advantages with and without the kitty.

posted by  salimander13

Back pressure is a myth.

How exhaust really works is through velocity and volume. At low speeds, exhaust gets out quick by squeezing its way out really fast. This is why smaller exhausts are good in the low end. When theyre too big, the exhaust moves slower because it bounces around in the exhaust. However, at higher speeds more exhaust is made so it needs to be bigger to get out.

posted by  PontiacFan27

Blow through causes a drop in VE, thus a drop in BMEP. Torque and BMEP go hand in hand. At low revs the engine is already suffering low VE (the throttle plate sees to that). This is why exhausts should be designed to suit cam events and valve events and why large exhausts are detrimental to fuel economy and torque at low revs.

Having said that a 5.0l, has plenty of torque for a medium car so performance drop may be hardly perceptable until you attach a stump and try to pull it out of the ground.

posted by  Wally

Don't go with longtubbes. I would trust both Mac and BBK, I would go with BBK first though, my ca is automatic and their headers don't clear my tranny though. Without the cats you won't go through emissions but you will have better sound and flow, I just have my mechanic write me through emissions with a waiver that says he did such and such work and it still won't go through.

posted by  Pythias

ok heres what I'm thinking of, tell me what you think...

exhaust ( &N=115&autoview=sku)

X-pipe ( N=115&autoview=sku)

I was thinking of the full length headers, but the x-pipe says it fits the shorty headers and says nothing on the full length. So I don't want to get the full length and have it not fit

shorty headers ( N=115&autoview=sku)

Full length headers ( N=115&autoview=sku)

Also has anyone bought any parts from online, how much is shipping and handling and is there any product damage. Or do things run smoothly, thanks for all your help guys.

posted by  salimander13

Shorties are a waste, call summitracing and ask a representative, whenever I had any questions about any of their products, they could tell me by me just calling their 1-800 number- don't be afraid to use the phone and ask, you will thank me later down the road.:thumbs:

posted by  Pythias

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