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I have been thinking upon this egg for a while now and I almost have enough money to buy an LS2 engine with the new GTO tranny, but I thought i would ask in hopes of finding someone who could help me in my situation. I was hoping to find out if the LS2 engine and transmission would slip into my 88 S-10 blazer without any problems (well more of an 92 jimmy st but the same to what i can see) since it has such a small frame and the engine and transmission are located in about the same spots as in a car. Thank you so much if you can help!!!

posted by  Blazin'Blazer

Wow, I haven't heard of that swap. I wish I copuld help you but all I know is you better post up pics of your prgress!

posted by  Zalight

Thanks man! And I'll try if I ever get it started...

posted by  Blazin'Blazer

Why stop at LS2? Think LS7. :laughing:

posted by  DukenukemX

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Because for $10K i can put an engine w/ transmission in my blazer, plus get a good body job or interior job and fix my whole electrical. Whereas if I get an LS7 Im stuck with an engine without a proper transmission to bolt it to and thats would suck. I need this to be driveable soon since the previous owner of my mustang nigger-rigged it (no offense to anybody, just a saying) and ford seems to be prevailing as it shits on me with crappy parts and assembly... :S

posted by  Blazin'Blazer

What, thats it?! No more opinions or advice?!

posted by  Blazin'Blazer

Well today im happy. I just stumbled upon the 2006 Trailblazer SS specs, and it has the engine want and runs about 13.5 in the quarter. I think in the blazer I have it should shave about a second off. So maybe its not so hopeless! ^_^

posted by  Blazin'Blazer

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