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About 6 months ago, my left turn blinker started going out. The bulb is fine. When it goes out, there is no sound and no blinker indicator on my panel. It started out that it worked about 75% of the time. Now, I'm lucky if I can get it to work 5% of the time. I have NEVER had a problem with my right blinker. It's just the left.

Now here's the "blond" question: Why is the right working and the left not? Aren't they both in the same "turn signal switch"???

EVerything else is going fine.

Does it sound like the turn signal switch? I will probably take it to a repair shop because I have an air bag and don't want to mess with that for safety reasons. Is that probably for the best?

Any idea what $$$ I'm looking at for that repair?

posted by  iam1funnychick

Seems there is a plague of turn signal problems going around.

Sounds like it may be the switch. As far as cost. I think i paid ~$20 for mine. Of course it's typical for repair shops to charge you more and it took me around an hour (the repair shop will milk for more time, average ~$65 an hour). If you wanted to do it yourself stand outside vehicle, remove two bolts from behind steering wheel and pull out airbag and disconnect power. There is always a chance of airbag engagement but as long as you are not in front of it, no worries (except cost of re-loading). :mrgreen:

posted by  Lizard King 6B

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