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I know this isn't classic car section but this section gets more traffic.

Been in family since new. Have all documentation, servicing, buildsheet, etc. It's basically mine but it needs a lot of time and money. Its a 400 with a 4 barrel carb and auto. Green interior and exterior.

I have around 40 pictures. If someone can help me upload them or tell me where to upload them besides photobucket or imageshack since they didn't work for me.

posted by  Benson

Check out this site: http://imagethrust.com/...Can't wait to see pics lol :drool:

posted by  chris_knows

Don't get TOO excited, read the topic title. Literally.

posted by  Benson

Regardless of condition, I'd definately take it without ever looking back (well, unless the frame is totally gone, then that's a different story).

posted by  car_crazy89

I have some shots of the frame. I couldn't get right under there because the ground was soaked and I needed to go somewhere after. It still seems in decent condition. There should be some photos up in 10 minutes or so I'm just sending them to Chris.

BTW: Chris did it send?

posted by  Benson

Here are the pics. Big thanks to ChrisK for uploading them.








posted by  Benson








posted by  Benson









posted by  Benson


This picture was taken when I stuck my hand through the speaker hole as seen below, its the trunk, doesn't look too bad. It was the last thing replaced before it was pulled off the road.

Wonder how old those cigs are?

Trunk again.





posted by  Benson





posted by  Benson


Just so there are no wisers. There is the missing emblem from the left side of the car.

Oh and I missed an engine shot but oh well.

posted by  Benson

Shit dude, you can fix that up. The great thing about older cars, all metal! Everything can be fabbed! Woo!

posted by  PontiacFan27

Yeah the interior is still really nice too. Just a few rips and in need of a dash. The big crack on the dash was from in the winter when it was cold out, and if I recall my uncle punched the dash and shattered it. The cool thing too is there are air shocks in the rear of the car still they just need to be pumped up. There were also a pair of mags/slicks on the back but I'm not sure what happened to those.

I'll rummage through some old photos tonight and see what I can come up with. In the mean time heres a photo of when it was painted back in the late 80s early 90s. My dad used to do a lot of body work for part time money. In some of those photos you can actually see a lighter green revealing itself under the darker green.


posted by  Benson

im pretty sure you can buy those rear quarters off the net. that would be a fun project.

posted by  adamc44

Yeah I looked around before on yearone a few weeks back. I'll check again

I want to peel the vinyl top off and see whats hidden there. :ohcrap:

My trunk pan is okay as far as I can tell and shouldn't need to be replaced. I didn't have the key to open the trunk up.

According to year one:
No replacement fenders available
Quarters - 1000
Hood - 500
Door Skins - 370
Rear Floor Pan - 200
Front LH/RH Pan - 130
Firewall - 100

The engine still runs. It will definately need a rebuild since the odometer has rolled over at least once. The trans should be fine. I know there was some work on it before. At first we brought the car to one shop to get some work done on it and then they took it out joy riding and dropped the trans. So I know it was fixed after. I don't even want to think about the rear end since it's probably never been opened up. Interior is still good. There was suspension work done to it before it was parked too. I guess basically body work is the main thing that will need to be focusing on.

I guess it can be done, but it will basically be a total rebody. Mostly everything will be done by me or my father so I won't be needing to pay someone else much money. Either way it can't get any worse than it is.

posted by  Benson

alot of the old vinyl tops i peel off for my demo cars, they are usually rusted around the back window post right where the rear roof post comes down and the actual body begins. also some rust right up front above the front window usually.

it would be a fun poject, i would love to have a garage where i could start on something to actually keep.

posted by  adamc44

Man, your car reminds me of mine, except that yours is prolly worth ALOT more. if you have ever seen that auction show on the speed channel, restored gto's go for huge amounts of cash. I bet it will be a cool project, with alot of work. have fun with it! :thumbs:

posted by  azkid110

Hey Benson, where do you live again? If you ever change your mind about fixing up the car then you can always give a fellow CFer a good deal :wink2:

posted by  car_crazy89

Barrett Jackson is overpriced. It's just idiots with more money than brains that go around, see a car and they like it and they need to have it. While some cars do go for a fair price and what they are worth, some are way off. An original 71 Hemi Cuda sold for 250 000, and a rebodied 71 Hemi Cuda went for 600 000. :screwy:

posted by  Benson

there are some parts for you car at this site

posted by  bladez28

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