Looks like I've found my second car- Tell me what you guys think.

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Title Says all- Pics anyone?


1995 Ford Mustang GT
5.0 liter V8, 306cid
5 Speed
Mach 460 stereo
Black exterior
Black interior

OEM Ford Cobra front bumper
2000 Cobra R style hood (Part #CR 800 R-2000 V1) from http://www.abcexclusive.com[/url]
Saleen side skirts (all urethane) with the door filler panels (used from http://www.corral.net)
Cobra front grill emblem
4 piece smoked headlight set (Blue Oval Industries)
96+ rear tail lights w/OEM harnesses
AFR Chrome 03 Cobra style rims in 17"x9"
255/45/17 up front and 275/40/17 in the rear (less then 2000 miles on the 4 of them)

New ACC Black carpet and embroidered "Cobra" floor mat set from https://www.50resto.com[/url]
Custom rear seat delete "Widow Maker" and the Black Widow" spider are carved in to it.
OEM Ford Bullet pedal set
Various Carbon fiber trim (Door cup pockets and shifter bezel)
MAC white face Cobra style gauges
UPR A/C white face cover
UPR billet A/C knobs
UPR billet shifter handle (smooth ball style)
Steeda Tri-Ax shifter (comes with Tri-Ax handle)
UPR Adjustable shifter handle (currently installed on Tri-Ax base)
Autometer gauge pod for instrument cluster (part # 10003)
Autometer Phantom series gauges:
2-1/16" mechanical oil pressure
2-1/16" mechanical water temperature

ZEX adjustable(75hp to 125hp) dry nitrous system (part # 82015)
ZEX Nitrous spark plugs (part# 82070-8)
Ford Motorsport 9mm Spark plug wires
14 Degrees base timing
MAC Fender well cold air induction system (part#3495)
Pro-M 73mm Mass air meter
Polished Cobra front brake calipers loaded with Hawk pads
13" Cross drilled front rotors
BBK Chrome 1/3/4 equal length headers
Dr. Gas off-road X-Pipe 2-1/2"
Flowmaster 2 chamber cat-back exhaust system (part# 389-17212) from https://www.jegs.com
OEM Ford Bullitt Suspension kit (shocks, struts, springs, and sway bars)
March 3 Piece Ultra Aluminum Clear Powder coated set (part#2110)
180 degree T-Stat
Manual fan override switch (allows electric cooling fan to be turned on manually, but operates normally during daily driving)

posted by  Pythias

I bet theres a story behind it. I'll be waiting. Nice car.

posted by  Benson

Looks almost as slow as every other rustang slobra out there.

Just kidding ya man, it looks pretty clean. What year?

What plans?

I have a couple friends with that gen cobra...One has a 100 shot on his 96.

posted by  Zalight

Nahh this is a clone I guess, 95 Gt, 5 speed manual, everything you see in the pics, plus a little shot of juice. Rebuilt engine, now a 306, 5 speed, newer tranny in it, newer clutch, tires 2k miles on all of them.

posted by  Pythias

so did ya buy it?

posted by  Zalight

I'm givin the guy a deposit, and hes givin me a few weeks to get the rest of the money together, should have it 3 weekends from now. In which case I will prolly bring this thread back up with pics and updates. Should be a very fun daily driver.

posted by  Pythias

shut up and turbo it already!

Oh wait...You don't own it yet.

Well buy a turbo NOW so when you do own it you can turbo it!

posted by  Zalight

Nahhh, the Nitrous will be enough for awhile, I'm gonna get a purge kit, and a set of jets for it, and learn how everything works and it will prolly be my daily driver for college, and the Convertible will be set in the garage to be worked on, hopefully get the body done by next summer? New hood, trunk, make the side skirts perfect, possibly new front bumper, cobra rear bumper. Then see about having it painted then do the interior next. I got it mostly all planned out of what my plans for everything are. What abotu your car? Any updates?

posted by  Pythias


No...It's sitting in my driveway as dead as a coyote on the side of the road.

I have my plans but I dont't have my money.

posted by  Zalight

Is it still wrecked then or fixed/driveable? And yeah money gets in the way of everything. I hope to have my fox totally done by the latest in 4 four years, if I'm lucky possibly 2 years.

posted by  Pythias

not at all driveable.

Well I mean it will go... for a little while. until the engine seizes because there is no oil in it since I drained it to take off the oil pan and check out the damage to the crank/bearings my self

posted by  Zalight

That sucks, when you gonna get her fixed? Whats a rough estimate? See if you would've bought a Ford, this never would've happened. :wink2:

posted by  Pythias

Yeah I woulda ran high 15's (in albuquerque) instead!





Well rough estimate would be 3 months if I save every penny evAr.

posted by  Zalight

.......At least you would still be running. :thumbs:

posted by  Pythias


posted by  Zalight

::hugs Abe:: Man Tony that one was below the belt :laughing:

posted by  99integra


posted by  99integra

Aaah!! HAHA. That's a good one! :thumbs:

posted by  Jordan Pardy

I got a chuckle out of this! At least until I realized that I drive a GM product :doh:

posted by  PontiacFan27

Got the car today, sick as shit, got a Widow Maker rear seat delete in it, looks awesome, sounds better, handles amazing, and gets up and MOVES. The clutch is kinda weird, releases up high, I had to practice in a parking lot for awhile, my mother of driving manual for over 25 years stalled it twice, but I'm used to it now, didn't even use the Nitrous, the thing spins the brand new tires well enough on its own, so I'm definitely Downing the shot, I'll get pics up when I feel like it.

posted by  Pythias

just wondering how much did this mustang cost????

posted by  Andrew0261


posted by  Bronxie

4,000$ Nitrous system and all, all it really needs is a paint job and it'd be perfect.


posted by  Pythias2050

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