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K im gonna ask this question carefully i was wondering What would be a good car to buy with 3500$ fast,reliable good looking easy to get parts.

posted by  kantar77

Fast Cheap Reliable

Pick 2

posted by  elchango36

I would want something fast and cheap.Like i just bought a turbocharger for my 1994 pontiac sunbird 2.0L but it got a write off so i need a new car to possibly put this turbo on.its a Garrett/Airesearch TB0335 turbocharger.

posted by  kantar77

For $3500 you could buy a good condition Probe/Mx6 V6 and have money left over to get the turbo pipes and such to install that turbo. You could also find a decent 3rd gen Camaro/Trans Am V8. Non-turbo DSMs respond pretty well to boost and they fall into your price range as well.

posted by  PontiacFan27

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