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A family friend offered to sell me his auotmatic 85 monte carlo for $1000. I havent found out if its a V6 or 8, nor do i know if its a SS or not. Right now i have a 95 eagle talon, and am sick of it breaking down every week, plus the small size of the car being that i'm 6'4". The car has roughly 110,000 miles on it. The owner started restoring it, and has put a new transmission in, and is gonna include new doors, a new hood, and a new water pump with the car (not installed). Do you think this car will be dependable for me, and worth the money.


posted by  MCGEE111

Consider the age of the vehicle ... it has a carburetor, this means long warm up time in winter .. if it is cold where you live... rear wheel drive is ok, but comes with terrible gas mileage...... you will still be working on it every week, so rule that out.... if you want another project, buy it if your looking for dependabilty , keep looking and above all , where you looking for a car be for this one became availible????? things to concider, hope this helps

posted by  Autotech

Agree with Autotech.

The car is too old as well. Cars that old often break, and the repairs could cost you more than it is worth.
Good luck,

posted by  sam12

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