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Ok, I hope someone out there who knows Escorts has heard of this. My idle in drive but at a stop is real uneasy, almost stalling out at times. The battery light flashes on at times at idle, and also when just cruising along. Most times I notice this when my headlights are on, so I wonder about the current that I'm drawing. I've had it in the dealers shop, spent $500, but didn't get the problem fixed (they found other things to fix.) I'm trying to get another 100,000 miles out of this car, so any help is appreciated. Voltage regulator maybe? Also, on mornings where the dew it high, the dash lights are dim and the battery light will stay on while driving for about 30 seconds.

posted by  Glasswalker

i'd say get a new battery and go from their, check for short circuts, take ur instrument cluster out, and clean it maybe dust is messing with the connectiongs or something

posted by  Neonlover04

i have a 1992 ford Escort, and the lights are out, i can't read my speed, but the other lights are on, the head lights work, the radio lights work, and the other lights work , please help me if anyone can , but the radio stoped getting power to come on, and my lighter won't work :banghead: i have been hiting my head on this one. I did get a new battery but still nothing i am all out of things to try please help.

posted by  mindonni

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