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Hi, I scratched the front right bumper of my 99 Lincoln Town Car, and I am looking for something to cover it up, probably a bumper guard or bumper cap. I found one onlne, but it is only for a Wrangler. The link is below. Does anybody know where I could find something like that that would fit a 99 Town Car? I'd prefer chrome instead of the black, but anything would help. Also looking for something cheap. I don't care if it's taccy.

http://www.jcwhitney.com/autoparts/Product/tf-Browse/s-10101/Pr-p_Product.C ATENTRY_ID:2004813/p-2004813/N-111+10201+600001103/c-10101

posted by  PeteZaHut

End caps definately would look tacky. I own a Grand Marquis myslef, a year newer and I wouldent put those on, I dont think many people would and I kinda doubt that there is any available for a car like that.
Just get it fixed properly, I dont know how much damage is done to it, but if its just some scratches take it to an autobody shop and get them to touch up the paint, get'er done right. It doesnt cost much at all to do that, even if the bumper is scraped badly and even if the plastic is torn.
Someone backed into me and I have to get my bumper and rear panel fixed, its only 2k (canadian$) to fix the torn bumper AND the sheetmetal work plus paint which is actually the most costly.
Go and get an estimate done, it probably wont be much.

posted by  MknzBikR

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