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first off, id like to say that i would deeply appreciate it if this thread was created :cussing: STRICTLY in search for a SOLUTION TO MY PROBLEM,... rather than pointless argument over "who knows cars better"

MY SITUATION---I own a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 4WD All-time with a V8 4.7 liter. Yes, i do plan on installing intake...If you want to prove to me that you know something about cars, answer the following question, following all requirements WITHOUT playing "whos the better mechanic".

MY QUESTION---I want to give my jeep a clean sound. I want it to sound quick. I dont want it to be considered "Ricer", yet i dont want a "deep roar" for an exhaust. Giving a "low rumble" to an SUV like my silver grand cherokee would be just goofy and rediculous. It would be equivilant to the stupidity of attempting to tune a mini-van.

PLEASE help me find my "inbetween state". i hope ive made myself clear on what i want. KEEP IN MIND--- :banghead: i had to start a new thread because people kept arguing. you will be accepted with grattitude if you can have the maturity to hold back rudeness...make corrections of other peope polite. if someone is being gay, please dont even aknowledge him. i just wanna have a solid solution to my freakin problem. if something is unclear, feel free to ask me something if you feel it would bring me closer to finding what's right for my car. *****also, if you know of any websites that offer sound-clip samples of exhaust systems, it would be greatly appreciated if you would leave a link or at least mention the site.

posted by  laxtimmy08

Someone seems to have just a bit of a thin skin or a serious "it's all about me" complex. Probably both. Your question was answered as much as anyone cares to answer it in the other thread. You were just too busy being a whiney bitch to realise it.

posted by  vwhobo

To get the best results when asking a question, it's usually not a good idea to insult the people you are asking first. :banghead:

posted by  torinoman80

i found magnaflow exhausts, they have sound clips, but they have no off-roaders/suv's what ever you call em!

posted by  True_Brit

From what I've seen, you were helped in the other topic, it's just that you don't seem to like the odd heated discussion, why not just kick us in to shape over there? or try to, rather than starting a fresh topic of the same type. I'll leave this open for the time being and see how it goes, but I fear it's just gonna be a flame war!

posted by  Cliffy

laxtimmy08 I guess you want to play with the exhaust note?

well there are two easy mods that you can play with:

firstly if you want that in_cabin noise an open ended or unboxed intake is the go for you. Substituting a pod filter for the standard flat panel paper and plastic box jobbie,for instance, qualifies you to add at least 20% more power to your bragging rites.

secondly, if you are looking for a different exhaust note then just think about your year 8 physics class and the subject on sound waves. Finally you have a chance to put into practice all that 40 minutes of lecture:-

i) you want it louder you increase the amplitude (larger pipe). This will increase the pressure of all the octaves, but a suitable muffler will knock out the medium to high notes leaving you with a rumble. If you want to smooth the low frequency pulsations you install a resonator (particularly useful for 4 pot engines that would otherwise sound farty);

ii)the larger pipe will also reduce frequency overlap, not only resulting in a crisper note, but also increasing the occurance of rarefaction (that negative pressure that occurs between frequency peaks) which helps the exhaust flow a little better, but more importantly delivers even more noise back through the pod filter.

So there you go.

posted by  Wally

tru-brit, THANK YOU for the link...that helps a bunch. wally, you seriously sound like you know what you're talking about. i really appreciate both of your help, if i missed anybody, my apologies. i did not mean to come off insulting when i created this second thread. 2 guys got in a pretty heated argument over the dumbest thing ive ever heard, and neither of them really answered my question to the full extent of the prerequesites. thats why i was irritated. once again, my apologies.

thank you.

posted by  laxtimmy08

LOL that other thread got pretty hilarious if i do say so myself!

i have a flowmaster 40 on my car (v6) and i love it.

posted by  jackal2000

That's how it goes here at CF usually.

posted by  67Coronet383

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