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Hey guys, as some of you may know I drive this 1996 Ford laser lynx 1.8i. It's not much it's a inline 4, 123hp, 16 valve DOHC, and so on.

Well i have kept this car stock for sometime now and since it will be sometime till i get my hands on an evolution I would like to modify this car, nothing much, but i would like to know what i could possibley do to it, nothing ricey of course. I'd just like to boost exterior mods. Anyone know much about this car, please help me out.I left this topic in the repairs section but nobody knows much about my car, i was hoping you guys would. thanks guys.:smoke:

posted by  speeder

Mazda Protege rebadged. Tried a Mazda enthusiasts forum?

posted by  Wally

yeah i did, but the problem is even though it's a rebadged mazda many of it's twin brother components are not compatible with it ironic huh?:smoke: I was hoping you guys could help me out.

posted by  speeder

Well, I dont know much about that car or the engine, but increase the airflow and exhaust (nothing too ricey of course;) ). Another thing that you could do is add performance ignition components and increase the spark and add a performance chip.
All relatively easy and will definately add some performance to you car.

posted by  MknzBikR hort_ram_intakes/weapon_r/weap00029204.html
just look here, if you have a fitment question call them, although the time zone thing might be an issue for you.

and no, this is not an advert, just a helpful link.

posted by  jackal2000

Intake, exhaust, header, clutch(if manual) or shift kit (if automatic), good tires, all maintenance stuff like plugs, wires, and fuel filter, better suspension(keep those tires on the ground! Wheelhop sucks ass!), better brakes (slotted or crossdrilled rotors, stronger calipers, good brake pads), intake manifold, bored throttle body, port/polished head, increase bore/stroke, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, MEGASQUIRT(replaces factory ECU and allows you to completely control everything your factory ECU would normally manage), stronger con rods/pistons/valve springs, super/turbocharger kit, better fuel pump, higher flow injectors, cam regrind for turbo or supercharger application, and hone in your driving skills. There ya go.

posted by  PontiacFan27

That looks strangely like our (Euro) version of the Escort from the front side view...and inside too. Useless information I know, lol

posted by  Cliffy

Which would be better value for money? Short ram Or cold air intake?
Which would be better turbo or supercharger?:smoke:

Is it advisable to buy a new throttle body?
Or should Just forget about this power boosting fantasy and go for a 2.0L V6. 170hp engine swap?

posted by  speeder

cold air > warm air

turbo > blower

posted by  jackal2000

just watch out your car doesnt get any louder, you'll be sending the wrong message there

posted by  nighthawk

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