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Whats up everybody? I have a little bit of a situation going on. I have an all white 93 cavalier convertible which is in OK shape (it runs) and is a fun car to drive. But I am constantly under assault by my friends for having a "barbie car". And it is. It is girly and it doesn't really fit me at all. I am open to any ideas AT ALL. I need to pimp my car, pronto. I am willing to spend any amount of money to make this car real bad ass (although I am told there is really not much i can do). I am willing to do just about anything. Please help me...

posted by  TimmyTimmy

if your willing to spend any amount of money why not just get a different car

posted by  81-camaro

if you want to keep the car and attempt to make it manly i just buying an aggressively styled body kit for starters.

posted by  jackal2000

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