2002 Mustang GT? (Worth the price)

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I was wondering is this worth $12,000? Only thing is it has a salvage title..

2002 Mustang GT 5-speed :

Leather Interior
Flowmasters with x-pipe
30,000 miles
Lowered 2 inches (Eibach lowering springs)
19" Chrome Builtt Wheels (Deep Dish)
New Michelin Tires
373 gears
Tinted Windows

posted by  isKall

In fair condition kbb rates it at 12k, now if this car is in good or excellent condition, I think that could factor out the salvage title, but I think 10-11k would be a pretty price, still a pretty good deal.

posted by  Pythias2050

if you think it worth it get it it really all up to you

posted by  Andrew0261

based off of the books. nothing factors out salvage titles

posted by  mazda6man

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