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Anyone had any experience with one, how they drive, how comfortable they are, etc. If so please state some opinions because I am thinking about getting one, but just don't know much about them.

posted by  isKall

None of us here can tell you how comfrotable they are for YOU. Nor can we say how they drive compared to what you're used to (if you're getting out of an '84 Nissan Stanza with 250k miles, it'll feel different to you than if your last car was a 2005 Lexus GS400).

As for what they are, the Crossfire is a Mercedes SLK with art deco styling for a lower price. If you like the way they look, the way they fit YOU, and can afford it, I'd say it's a good deal. Drive one and make your call.

My last Chrysler was a 2002 model and when I sold it at 70k miles, it had had zero problems.

posted by  ChrisV

yeah right now, I drive a 99 Mustang GT with 94k miles. I had just heard some reviews saying that the Crossfire's were horriable and have had all kinds of problems.

posted by  isKall

Okay, I'll play your silly game. If you "heard some reviews saying that the Crossfire's were horriable (sic) and have had all kinds of problems", then why would you even consider purchasing one? Am I the only one who sees this making no sense?

posted by  vwhobo

LOL, I said I saw some reviews, not all reviews are true. So I came here to ask, please tell me your not over 18.

posted by  isKall

It is official. The shit has hit the fan.

posted by  giant016

No, actually you said you heard some reviews. Heard and saw are not the same thing. It's a good thing one of us has a long enough attention span to read what you have to say. While we're at it, please tell me that someone who wants to be treated like an adult knows the difference between "your" and "you're", and "heard" and "saw".

BTW, what makes you think that any information you get on this or any other forum will be any better than the reviews that you either heard or saw, whichever it was? Anywhere you go you're going to get either second (third, forth) hand information or an actual owner who is agenda driven because they either liked or disliked the car. Bottom line, no matter where you get your info, you and only you can decide if it's a car that you want. :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

:orglaugh: That actually had me laughin

posted by  99integra

i second that notion:laughing:

posted by  mazda6man

Well tell me this, do you "have" to run Premium gas through the Crossfire?

posted by  isKall

i cant answer that one, we dont sell "premium gas" in england,
we have unleaded, super unleaded,
and id say super unleaded is better if you were in england, tad more expensive, but a little cleaner and efficient (apparently)

posted by  True_Brit

is $7950 good for a wrecked Crossfire w/ 47k miles? Also are they reliable cars, like a car you could drive everday?

posted by  isKall

The problem with this scenario is that we have no way of knowing what was damaged in the wreck that might MAKE it unreliable. It's not going to be a clean, low mileage, perfect car, simply by virtue of it being wrecked. There could/most likely will be things that are damaged that will cause it to be unreliable, that have no relation to how reliable the car would have been had it not BEEN wrecked.

posted by  ChrisV

well it needs a hood, front bumper, both fenders, both rocker panels, both headlights. Don't truthfully know if any of that will make it unreliable. But what I was meaning was with it having 47k miles will that make it unreliable, because most cars last past 150,000 miles now, didn't know if that was the case with the Crossfire.

posted by  isKall

The crossfire is unreliable for a Chrystler because it's Mercedes. Which many point to being unreliable due to their level of complexness and sophistication compared to American cars.

Chrystler dumbs down many systems I would hope, but really I'm just giving you a comparison between an SLK and your average american car these days. Anything Chrystler has done will improve it's reliablity. SLK's are a car that I am pretty fond of personally.

at 47k miles you should be semi ok, but I would treat it well. The first problems usually start arising at 90k miles, most of the ones I've known before this haven't had any problems. Again Mercedes is prone to brekeage, I would honestly shoot for around the low 30's if I were going to fix the body work on the car. Is like taking a year off. Also keep in mind it had no back seat, and do me a favor and argue a little less.

Crossfires are great cars, but if you plan to drive it to 100k I would be prepared to spend at least 1000$ in repairs, over 4 years, this isn't too bad.

ASSUMING only the body was damaged, you should be fine, if you can repair it yourself, at a decent cost. Parts should be more readily availeble because it is a Chrystler.

I would say it's a little on the edge, but honestly I would go for it, if I had the time for such a project.

Ha ha I would also not carmax my vehicle, until I know it's in working order. With no body damage even after you have fixed it, you'll be able to sell it for more than you put in anyway, as at the least people will pay for your own labor.

Anyway happy, restoring. :)

posted by  DannyDarko

The revus he hurrd got him scurrd he dun wana buy no turrd so hes asking people that might know...not just rumors.

By the way replying to original post, I think a test drive will answer your comfort questions
If you want user reviews, go here (http://carsurvey.org)
If you want pro reviews, check Consumer Reports

BTW arent these made by Mercedes Benz and assembled in Germany?

posted by  newyorker

ok I'm kind of bringing up a old post, but oh-well.

I own a 04 Crossfire. It's a lot of fun to drive. It's also pretty quick stock, but I'd turbo charge it before you go racing.

The coolest feature is the ESP. It can tell when you want to break loose or when you don't. You can turn it off with the push of a button. But when it's on, you stick to the road like glue. I've taken 90 degree turns at 55 mph. (Im too scared to go any faster. haha) Its really a lot of fun.

Its also fun because of the wow factor. I mean, when I drive it around you get all the people looking at you and all the kids saying "cool car!", just makes it more fun to drive. Although its been out for some time now, its still relatively rare, unlike vettes that you see on every street corner.

It has a 0-60 of 6.5, but with a little investment I bet you could get it into the low 5s. (maybe lower?).

The best part about this car is how solid it feels. Ive taken it up to 140 on the freeway and it handles great. The steering wheel is really tight, no play at all. Like I said, at 140 you feel like you could finesse cones. The braking system is amazing too. This thing can stop on a dime. A couple times I swear I would have totaled any other car because they just cant stop like this thing can. It makes you feel much safer when driving at high speeds.

And for the gas question, I have put non-premium in a few times. There is a noticeable difference in power, but it still runs fine. The mechanic said it wouldn't do any harm to the engine, its just better to run premium, so i do.

I hope that helps a little bit. If you do get it make sure to search online for Crossfire forums or clubs, they are a lot of fun and do some cool stuff to them.

Yes, the Crossfire is about 85% mercedes and 15% Chrysler, roughly.


posted by  mousegu

I heard that the clutch wasn't too good and the car really lunged when you shifted...Is there any truth to that?

posted by  chris_knows

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