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hopefully something along these lines havent been posted yet. I searched the forum, and couldnt really find anything. but either way, sorry if this has been done before x:
anyways, I'm currently looking to purchase a used car.
I've had my eye on this '97 ford explorer - auto, 4dr, 4x4. 169,000kms on it.
one owner, no accidents, great new tires, no rust and clean.
they're asking 8,200 CAN for it. but a relative of theirs firgures i could get them down to 7ish.
im just wondering if 10 year old ford explorers are worth it. i've heard some mixed reviews from friends, but alot of that was from a bias opinion (and lacking details).
i'm currently waiting to test drive it and get it checked out. the guy has to find the plates.

I've read a couple generic reviews, they helped but havent convinced me either way. so some personal experiance or even second hand info would be great. thanks for anything you guys have to offer!

posted by  stokegirl

Off topic but where in Canada do you live? I know someone that just traded in their Ford Explorer matching those specs - 4dr, auto, 4x4.. traded in like 3 days ago too. Would be neat to see you end up with the exact same one.

posted by  Benson

hahah that would be crazy!
revelstoke bc

posted by  stokegirl

before i give my imput... you are officially my favorite new person ever to sign up on these forums... you actually used the search tool... thank you for doing that before you asked a question...

anyways... explores dont have the best track record, but if well taken care of, theyre not going to be bad transportation. theyle be reliable

posted by  mazda6man

hehe thanks, back in the day i use to be really active on a couple forums and know how annoying it can be for the regulars when people just barge in and start throwing up repeat threads (and not care)
i like to come into a forum and make nice with potential friends, so i try to follow their guidelines and not annoying them in a place they like to visit. its just logical - just because its the internet doesnt mean you cant be considerate (:

and thanks for your imput! until i get it completely checked out i wont know, but so far word of mouth has been telling me that the current owner is huge on vehicals - keeping them in top shape, changing fluids regularly, replacing parts when they need replacing, etc.

posted by  stokegirl

mmy friend has a '96 rwd i believe. ive drivin it a couple times and it drives well and it has like 120k miles on it.

posted by  bebopin64

well, no doubt youll end up with a winner, my mate rescently bought a Explorer (we had them for a while in europe) and he hasnt had a major problem yet, its about 9 years old now!

posted by  True_Brit

i think $8200 is a little steep. i had a hard time selling my 1996 in really nice shape for $2500 and mine had 130k on it. also they are known for bad transmissions and with 170k on it, it may go any time.

posted by  glagon1979

thank you all very much,
i had a mechanic look at it yesterday. he said there was nothing wrong with it. 'in near mint condition' were his words.
i may regret it later down the road, but im going for it. i'll just make sure i keep up with everything and not bag it so i can get my full years out of it.
im super excited though. my first vehicle will be mine a little after 12 today!
unforuntatly ..i now get to do a 8 hour shift on 3 hours of sleep.
thanks again!

posted by  stokegirl

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