Dodge Stealth- how are they?

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Ive rode in one before and i liked it. Are they good/ reliable cars? My dad is a mechanic and says they are junk, but he tends to say that about everything that isnt a gm vehicle.:laughing:

posted by  jamman

see - mistubishi 3000gt

posted by  nighthawk

Well Im a hardcore Mopar fan, but I really dont like these. Mainly its just personal preference.

Tell your dad that any Mopar is better than anything MG has ever made. :laughing:

I'd get a Eagle Talon before the Stealth tho.

posted by  mousegu

lol thats another car that my dad told me was crap.:screwy:

posted by  jamman

I bought a 92 Stealth R/T yesterday and <3 it so far.

posted by  prozac4312

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