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I wanted to get everyones thoughts on this. why do people honestly think because they have a mustang, that they have the fastest car ever. Yes, the GT500 is nice and fast but the GT and coupe are a joke. So maybe i can get some mustang owners to explain !

posted by  caballero_usmc

Your an idiot. There are a minority of stupid kids that believe this, and 9/10 times they have slow cars. In the end the best bang for the buck if you are a kid though is a Mustang, as far as the gto goes... the GT500 would eat it, go look up some info before you start posting ignorance.

posted by  Pythias

Possibly because that's what they drive...kind of like you thinking you can have the fastest GTO in "Cali"

posted by  BavarianWheels

the entire subject of this car vs. that car is kinda lame b/c any car can be made to be fast, it depends on how its built, simple as that. something stock is always going to get its ass handed to it by something thats been bombarded with aftermarket performance parts. (disregarding high end sports cars, and from the factory performance package cars, i.e;GT500, the firebird WS6, etc...)

its just like the ignorant claim "ford/chevy/pontiac/honda is shitty and unreliable" any car is as good as you take care of it. theres some exceptions with certain components that are not up to par on quality, but other than that...if you take care of it, do your preventitive maintenance, and use quality replacement problem! :thumbs:

posted by  metallikat

I see that you need your car to provide your testosterone for you 'cause your body can't make it.

Calling a car a joke because it isn't your personal favorite is a lovely form of small mindedness that most intelligent people grow out of after they reach puberty.

posted by  ChrisV

Your the joke if anything

posted by  Andrew0261

it also not just the car it the drivers to bad driver=not gonna hit that finish as fast good=going be there before u can say finish

posted by  Andrew0261

My Dodge Neon is the fastest on Need for Speed!

posted by  BavarianWheels

You mean there are people in the US who don't own a Mustang?:confused:

posted by  Wally

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