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I was just wondering what are the differeces between the 2 specifications other than the speedometer and odometer in miles/km.

For instance if I compared a new GM vehicle bought in Canada to the exact same model in the US, what are the differences?


chaz ;)

posted by  lchazl

Well for one, it would be a GMC :smoke:

It depends on where you live in the states. Everywhere you buy a car or truck in Canada a heating system and block heater are standard equipment, which you obviously wouldn't need in a place such as California, and A/C is almost always an option. Sometimes undercarriage components also vary from region to region. Other than the Metric vs Imperial differences, all others will be based on the weather that the region specific to the vehicle you are buying experiences.

posted by  Kottonmouth

o ok i see, thx

posted by  lchazl

Just a note:
New GMC trucks/SUVs are made in Canada or Mexico. They have more diff than those mentioned above. The Yukon xl, for ex, made in Mexico is still called Suburban and is sold in the Middle East. They are more powerful than those made in Canada (5.3 L: 325hp vs 295hp) and have more standard equipment. There are also exterior color differences as well as other things. I wonder why they have the same price tag.... :confused:

posted by  GMC8100

pitched at diffrent markets, most of the canadian regs are similar to french, emmisions for example

posted by  cinqyg

also, daytime running lights are standard on all vehicles sold in canada, not so in the US.

posted by  importluva

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