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anyone know of any companies that make block sleeves? specifically i need them for a GM 3400 LA1 engine. its a v6. i know the engine has an iron block and sleeves are usually aluminum correct? that leads to....can alum sleeves be put in an iron block?

posted by  jackal2000

I think you're confused and really have no idea what it is you're talking about, or... You're confused and don't have the ability to convey your message. Either way...

The only type of "block sleeve" that I'm aware of, and keep in mind if been repairing cars professionally for over 30 years now, is for re-sleeving a cylinder if the block is damaged, cracked, worn beyond machining limits, etc. Every single sleeve is made of steel because if they were made out of aluminum it would last about as long as a beer in a room full of alcoholics.

That is my BEWAG based on your post, and my bet is that it's the answer to your question. Now how about you tell us all about these aluminum sleeves you know about?

posted by  vwhobo

i must admit that i had it all twisted. i read/heard that aluminum blocks are usually the ones that get sleeved/resleeved and made the assumption that the sleeves were aluminum, obviously they arent.:oops:

i have also learned that they are non-existant for my application or i have simply not talked to the right people and i have talked to A LOT of people.

sooooo, now i am in the process of tracking down some pistons which is not an easy task either since i am NOT trying to spend $700 for custom ones. i have done research and people have swapped in pistons made for the older model chevy 3.4L, which i believe can be found in early 90's camaros (the ones with the iron heads). also, i will be getting the hyperutectic kind, .020" w/ Total Seal gapless rings.

posted by  jackal2000

Why hypos and why gapless rings?

posted by  Wally

hypos cause i will be increasing the power by about 50% over stock. no longer gapless rings, i did more research and talked to more people and they are not right for my car which is a daily driven street car.

posted by  jackal2000

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