Did the old viper even have side windows?

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from this epise of top gear it seems to point out it had no trunk, but then it goes on to say the new one improved with "windows" and adjustable pedals.

Is it reffering to power windows, or windows at all.

Finally did the old viper convertible have a soft top? The answer to this is probably no.

I ask because I have never seen a photo of a generation 1 viper convertible with it's side windows up.

posted by  DannyDarko

I don't know about the windows, but I'm pretty sure that the original Viper didn't come with a soft top. I've never heard that it didn't, just never heard or seen that it did.

posted by  jedimario

I was under the impression that the original Viper had windows...you just couldn't roll them down. It wouldn't make sense not to have windows at all, the drag would likely outweight the performance gained by the tiny bit of weight taken out.

posted by  giant016

Wait there was a viper before the recent Dodge one?

posted by  Ferny

It's been around since 1992 I believe lol...Not sure about the windows though lol.

posted by  chris_knows

I'm sure the first generation RT had a soft top....maybe I'm wrong?

posted by  Cliffy

Here is a list of features by year.


posted by  jcutsh

The original Viper RT/10 from '92 to '96 had snap in side curtains instead of windows. It was an ACTUAL roadster, in the form of the original 289/427 Cobra, Porsche speedster, Austin Healey 100/4,, Bugeye Sprite, and more.

http://www.motorcities.com/media/image/640/04ANG463371193A/1993-Dodge-Viper -RT-10-red-A-640.jpeg



posted by  ChrisV

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