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203,000 mi, ps, tilt, 5 spd std, alloy wheels, air bags, 2 dr, 6 cyl, all power, am/fm cass, cruise, clean, runs great, always garaged, fun to drive, good mileage, p/windows, mirrors, rear wiper, spoiler, fog lights, $1500

This seems like a good deal, but the miles are high. About what type of lifespan would a car like this be about? How many more do you think i could get out of it, saying its in mint condition?

posted by  Spade

you can buy a new engine, rebuild the engine, or get a use engine, to me thats a good deal because if you get a new engine you would basically paying for a new one but about so much a lil less though.

posted by  cold air

With 200k miles on it I doubt it was in the garage much

posted by  Bronxie

For the money it sounds like a great deal, even if the engine gives up, you don't have to! At a rough estimate a recon engine will cost you less than the pric you would have paid for the car, that would take the grand total to around $3,000 give or take, which is still less than what the car is worth! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

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