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hey im thinking about getting a 2003 dodge srt-4. This will be my first car and i want a fast/reliable car. Is this a good decision or not? If so what other car could i get that are these things and fast.

posted by  phoshiz

The SRT-4 is definitely fast. As for reliable, that remains to be seen, as they haven't been on the streets long, however, they do use a popular engine block that has proved reliable in it's stock form in other vehicles, and modified it correctly from the factory to ensure a long life(More work was done then just slapping a turbo on, internal work was done as well). If they didn't think it was reliable, then they wouldn't offer extended warranty on it, otherwise the company would get burnt on a lot of warranty issues.

posted by  dodgerforlife


posted by  nighthawk


Well I will say this much. The srt-4 is fast. If you get one, get the 04, because it was the quickest of the bunch. Reliability is yet to be seen.

posted by  newyorker

i thought you already owned one, at least thats what i understood in the other thread

posted by  glagon1979

yeah the srt-4 is to fast for a new driver with little experience thats why i have a stock lancer es, i am saving for a good down payment on a sti which ill get in about 4 years(if they still make them or if i find a good used one) i am also saving for when i move out while making car payments and insurance payments. oh and im 17 so i still got a couple years.

posted by  realsrrybouttha

My friend just sold his 04 lancer es for a 99 miata.

His car was ghetto, though. No seat belts in the back. "Fart cannon", as vwhobo would say, the window controls in the back fell in lol, and it was very offensive to our neighbors because it was so ****ing loud. You can't even talk on a cell phone in that thing. Then these kids came up and were like, "OH YEAH SHIT THIS IS AWESOME. YOU HEAR THAT NOISE????"


Thought I'd share.

posted by  Bronxie

yeah go with the SRT-4, i have a neon and its pretty nice other than minor tranmission problems

posted by  poser priest

The Neon and the SRT-4 are two completely different animals.

posted by  PontiacFan27

too fast??? wtf? a car doesnt go fast unless u have a heavy foot, which would be your own fault. people who crash and suffer injuries cuz "the car was too fast for them" is just another way of saying they are dumbasses.

posted by  Inygknok

good point, I can make a lamborghini murcielago travel under 100km'h if I really want to...:laughing:

posted by  nighthawk

Yea, but its hard to do

posted by  newyorker

yea it depends what car it is not also cars can go 0-60 in 3.4 or 3.2 like a ford gt, so if you think you can reach 80 mph go ask to borrow someones 89 ford escort and lets see how long it takes or at least to see if you hit 80 miles per hour

to the buyer of the Srt-4 yea go ahead and get one, i heard alot of good things about them i own a sxt 04 version its nice car just wishing i would got one but they are pretty rare on the streets.

posted by  cold air

Reliable? It's a Dodge. Reliability is it's middle name. And speed is it's last name. If you decide not to get the SRT-4 for some reason get a Subaru WRX (Impreza) because that's the next best thing.

posted by  smallangryneon

I would suggest you go with an STI or an EVO, they are all wheel drive and a bit more reliable than the srt-4. Plus, they put all that horsepower to the ground, unlike the Dodge which sits, spins and wheel-hops, my :2cents:

posted by  HiLandR

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