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I was talking to someone about the fact that I was thinking about buying a jeep. They went on about how they may look good but they take alot to pass inspection what does he meen by this?

posted by  JKieley

Who said this? :laughing:

they shouldnt be any different than other cars/SUV's

a lot of it depends on how many problems it has and what those problems are

posted by  nighthawk

Agreed, it's how the car's been looked after that affects these results the most.

posted by  Cliffy

jeeps are great i have one it lasted my family all this years and is still running the only problem i has was an ignition problem, but iam sad to say that iam selling it:ohcrap:

posted by  nonoz

my dad had his jeep from 2000 and it lasted him til 2005 no problems whatsoever 115,000mi on it it was handed down to my sister when he died, and the only problem she had with it was the A/C which was fixed by my old highschool at no labor costs just parts. if you take it to a high school with an automotive class they'll fix any problems with it for no labor only parts fees

posted by  jslow913

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