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Im just wondering what everyone (if anyone? lol) thinks of the 3.1 liter GM v6 , its pretty much the only engine im fairly familiar to driving with and I was wondering what people thought of it in terms of power, smoothness, etc...

the car is a 94 Buick Century

I think it has more than enough power to haul around a family car
but thats my opinion, for all I know It could be the crappiest engine around, But I just dont have the kind of experience to know for sure

rated at 160-175 hp and 195 lb-ft

thanks in advance though :thumbs:

posted by  nighthawk

they have their problems but ok i guess. just dont be suprised when the intake gasket goes bad. they also have head gasket problems but nowhere near what some other cars have.

posted by  glagon1979

60* v6 ftw!

you want a real opinion? check out for more info than you care to know lol

posted by  jackal2000

And I feel their power is inadequete, with 4-5 people in the car it struggles. My friend has a Monte Carlo 3.1. Engine actually sounds kinda mean while inside the car, pick up takes longer than my grandmothers hyundai elantra. :banghead:

posted by  Pythias

the monte carlo isnt exactly light as a feather either. lol what year is it?

posted by  jackal2000

they didnt put the 3.1 in the monte till 95. most of the cars they put the 3.1 or 3100 in werent light.

posted by  glagon1979

Yeah, but if you replace the lower intake gasket. The head gasket can be prolonged maintane your cooling system by flushing it, 3100's gaskets were made cheap and the older your coolant the more it eats away at the gasket. Basicly they just wear away.

sean   10 Aug 2012 05:30

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