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i just got there latest issue of there magasine and there were a heck of a lot of new cars i was just currious wich one u guys thaught would be the most successful one, they include:

-2007 dodge nitro

-2007 jeep patriot 600x1200.jpg

-2007 Chrysler Aspen

-2008 Dodge Challenger ont_wm.jpg

-2007 Chrysler Sebring (redesined)
personally i would think that it would be the sebring because of its new stunning look and competetive price. if u ask me it looks like it has teh same lines as a cross fire

posted by  81-camaro

The Sebring does look a lot better, could be better though. I think it will mainly be bought by rental companies to add to their fleets. I really like the styling of the Nitro, but it looks a bit expensive and heavy, so I don't think there'll be many on the streets. The Patriot just looks like a Liberty with some minor changes, and the Challenger looks like sex. The only car that I don't like there is the Aspen. It kinda looks like a Pacifica meets a Caravan.
The most successful cars from there in terms of what people would like to own (Which I think is the Challenger), and what people will own (Sebring or Aspen).

posted by  chris_knows

ya i agree most sebrings will be rentals but im pretty sure that the challenger will come with a big price tag.

posted by  81-camaro

chrysler are going to invade the UK and europe with the Sebring!!! i think it will be a success as the PT Cruiser was a very good move for Chysler in the UK!!!
i dont really like the sebring myself! it looks like the vw eos on the front (the headlights anyway) and sort of like a mercedes on the side!!!

posted by  True_Brit

I think the Sebring will more than likely do the best, however I don't like it personally, I think it looks far too boring in comparisome to the other cars. I'd like to see the Challenger do well.....

posted by  Cliffy

thier aming the sebring (here in the uk) at the market currently held by the ford mondeo/vauxhall vectra apparently!!!
i think the challenger will do exstremely well, just not in england!
but the dodge nitro is the most disgusting design i have seen!!!!!!

posted by  True_Brit

I like most of the CUV/SUV that Dodge has coming out. The Caliber (love it or hate it) was a HUGE sales winner for them - best Big Three launch in five years I believe. I think that the Patriot will do well - everyone loves a Jeep, and the smaller size appeals more to women I think. The Nitro is good looking, I think that the MyGIG interface is a huge step up and gives you some great features in a relatively inexpensive car.

posted by  boothe


posted by  smallangryneon

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