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Hey, i've heard that ford made a mach 2. i saw a picture of a supposed mach 2 and it said mach 1 on the back under the spoiler... i also heard they made a mach 3 as a prototype, can anyone verify any of this?

posted by  KrystalKF cant find anything on the mach2 though

posted by  CrazyCar

They made a mach 3 prototype...i believe 1994...and they just recently sold it in an auction not to long ago (i belive last year)

posted by  Lilhuff11

It's actually a Mach 1. It uses the 2001 SVT Cobra motor with some upgrades that improves the torque curve. It's also got the shaker hood that was on the old Mach 1. Horse power is around 320 but it's the torque curve that's different. It will be in limited production similar to the Cobras.

posted by  2k3SVTCobra

mach 1's = gooooooooooooooood

posted by  RichG

mach 3 concept is mad ugly..

posted by  GoOsEmAn

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