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Hello, my name is Glenn Kawesch. I am new to and have a general question about the Cadillac Escalade. I really like the new 2007 but I can get a 2005 for about 25K cheaper. Is there that big a difference? Seems like a big jump for 1.5 years.

Thanks in advance,

Glenn Kawesch

posted by  Glenn_Kawesch

I don't know of any specific differences between the model years, but buying an Escalade is about image for a lot of people. It's kind of a show-off vehicle for a lot of buyers, seeing as they want somehting large, shiny and NEW. Hence my reasoning as to why their resale is so low. Just a theory, but if it's true, then it makes sense to buy a used one, financially speaking.

posted by  giant016

Well, I think if they lose that much value over such a small period of time you should go for a used one, otherwise you'll be the guy with the 05 escalade who got screwed and lost 25k+ on his vehicle by selling it for 25k.

The 07s are slightly restyled, though, if that matters.

posted by  Bronxie

All the new GM suv's and trucks are starting to look more and more like f*ck ups so go with the 05 :2cents:

posted by  99integra

Those same questions were going through my head befor purchasing my Escalade. I ended up purchasing a second hand one from CAR MAX. They had the best quality, and deal.... HOPE THAT HELPS>>>>>

posted by  jwrescalade

yea... i think that the escalade quality is good, so go used. Although, the downprice 25k has to tell you something. like the quality is different, or just the syyling cost a lot. also, check your options. they might be fully loaded on the 07 and none on the 05.

Hope that i can help. =)

posted by  carwhizzkid

by the way the new one looks too much like a tahoe... the 05 is unique.......

posted by  carwhizzkid

The new one looks kinda like an edgy minivan. The '05 will definetely look a lot cooler.

posted by  smallangryneon

I have an 88 Cadillac Brogham, and I know several people who've had 90's and 00's year caddy's so I have some backround knowledge about cadillacs.

Basically, a caddy is a caddy; high quality parts and workmanship and so long as you change oil and do basic maintainance to it, keep track of your fluid levels and make sure you keep track of imminant failures and real failures, and what was replaced and when any cadillac will practically last forever because that's what they're designed to do.

Between the 2005 and 2007, the engine and trans are probably the exact same between those years with a few tweaks here and there.

With that said, I'd go with the 2005 simply because I never buy anything new and therefor, untested. More importantly, I'd look at the mileage and get an idea of what you're going to invest in bringing that car into a shape where it can be properly taken care of. If it has 40,000 or 50,000 miles on it there's a good chance you're going to need to dome some work as supposed to 5,000 or 10,000 miles.

The higher pricetag is due to it being new; in my experience the only advantage a new car has is you know it hasn't been used before.

posted by  Gwokable

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