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Ok, first off, thanks in advance to anyone who posts advice. First off I have a 91 Firebird, and 15 years ago florida had the emissions testing standard thing. So my car has this really annoying A.I.R system that has a bunch of friggin pipes leading out of my exhaust manifold that lead to some kind of cleaner, then to the catalytic converter. Well after working on my engine a couple of time I notice how annoying, and inconvenient this system was; So I ripped the damn thing out . Now I want to run the engine without the A.I.R pump hooked up to my serpentine belt at all, and I am running into a few snags. First off I was told to go to a smaller belt, in order to keep the tensioner from rubbing the rope together. Well I went from 94in to a 87in which as I write this Im think is the problem, but I will contiue incase that is not it. So the rope is rubbing like a mother, and now I also have the problem of plugging the exhaust holes, but every where I look i cannot find threaded plugs that will fit these holes. If anyone has had experience taking out these damned things PLEASE DEAR GOD HELP ME.:cussing:

posted by  Estyg

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